Changes in pympler

Release 0.2.1

  • Fix static file retrieval when installed via easy_install
  • Show class tracker instantiation traces and referent trees in web interface
  • New style for web interface

Release 0.2

The second release is one of several steps to better integrate the different sub-systems of Pympler. All modules now directly reside in the pympler namespace which simplifies the import of Pympler modules. Pympler 0.2 introduces a web interface to facilitate memory profiling. Pympler now fully supports Python 3.x. This release also adds several modules replacing the Heapmonitor module with the new class tracker facility.

  • Introduce web frontend
  • Split Heapmonitor into several new modules
  • New process module to obtain memory statistics of the Python process
  • Improved garbage illustration which can directly render directed graphs using graphviz

Release 0.1

This initial release is the first step to unify three separate Python memory profiling tools. We aim to create a place-to-go for Python developers who want to monitor and analyze the memory usage of their applications. It is just the first step towards a further integration. There is still lots of work that needs to be done and we stress that the API is subject to change. Any feedback you want to give us, wishes, bug reports, or feature requests please send them to

  • First Public Release.